Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Title: The Other Side of the Coin? Black Americans' Empathy Towards Police
  • Author: Dr. Hannah McManus


  • Title: A Multi-Level Analysis of the Effects of Treatment Integrity & Program Completion on Recidivism in Residential Community Correctional Programs
  • Author: Dr. Jee Yearn Kim


  • Title: Hacks or Heroes? Public Perceptions of Correctional Officers
  • Author: Dr. Alex Burton


  • Title: The Gift that Keeps Giving: Application of Contingency Management in Community Supervision Settings
  • Author: Dr. Lindsey Mueller


  • Title: The Role is the Remedy: Professional Perspectives on the Implementation of a Risk and Needs Assessment
  • Author: Dr. Gina Gibbs


  • Title: Perceiving Vulnerability: Evaluating the Impact of Individual Movement within Environmental Context
  • Author: Dr. Rachel Kail


  • Title: Judge-Prosecutor Dyad Effects on Racial Disparity
  • Author: Dr. Spencer Hochstetler














  • Title: The Intersection of Developmental and Life-Course (DLC) Perspectives and Corrections: Viewing the Prison Experience as a Turning Point
  • Author: Dr. Melissa Lugo

Title:  The Predictive Validity of the Ohio Youth Assessment System--Disposition Instrument: A Revalidation Study
Author:  James McCafferty, Ph.D.

Title:  Consistency or Discord: Meta-Analyses of Police Deisions to Search and Use Force
Author:  P. Colin Bolger, Ph.D.

Title:  Street Codes, Routine Activities, Neighborhood Context, and Victimization: An Examination of Alternative Models
Author:  Susan McNeeley, Ph.D.

Title:  Are Female Defendants Treated More Leniently by Judges?  A Multilevel Analysis of Sex-Based Disparities at the Phases of Pretrial Release, Charge Reductions, and Sentencing
Author:  Natalie Goulette, Ph.D.

TitleA Mixed-Methodological Exploration of Potential Confounders in the Study of the Causal Effect of Detention Status on Sentence  Severity in One Federal Court 
Author:  Angela Reitler, Ph.D.

TitleEnvironmental Corrections: Making Offender Supervision Work                           Author:  Lacey Schafer, Ph.D.

Title:  Examining the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory in the Context of Reliability, Validity, Equity, and Utility:  A Six-Year Evaluation
Author:  Anthony Flores, Ph.D.

Title:  Resilience and Vulnerability in Adolescents at Risk for Delinquency: A Behaviorial Genetic Study of Different Response to Risk
Author:  Jamie Newsome, Ph.D.

Title:  Typologies of Female Offenders: A Latent Class Analysis Using the Women's Risk Needs Assessment
Author:  Rachel Brushett, Ph.D.

Title:  Decision Making in Criminal Justice Revisited: Toward a General Theory of Criminal Justice
Author:  Dan Lytle, Ph.D.

Title:  Putting Wayward Kids Behind Bars: The Impact of Custodial Placement on Recidivism
Author:  Brian Lovins, Ph.D.

Title:  Are Needs Related to Pretrial Outcomes?  An Examination of the Hamilton County Inventory of Need Pretrial Screening Tool
Author:  Krista Gehring, Ph.D.

Title:  Unraveling the Sources of Adolescent Substance Use: A Test of Rival Theories
Author:  Rachel McArthur, Ph.D.

Title:  The Effects of Individual Vulnerability and Lifestyle/Routine Activities on Fear of Crime and Perceptions of Risk in the School Setting
Author:  Brooke Gialopsos, Ph.D.

Title:  Fear of Crime Online:  Examining the Effects of Perceived Risk and Online Victimization of Fear of Cyberstalkingy
Author:  Billy Henson, Ph.D.

Title:  College Students with ADHS: Extending the Lifestyles/Routine Activities Framework to Predict Sexual Victimization and Stalking
Author:  Jamie Snyder, Ph.D.

Title:  How Central Business Districts Manage Crime and Disorder: A Case Study in the Mechanisms of Place Management in Downtown Cincinnati
Author:  Khadija Monk, Ph.D.

Title:  Disability Status and Victimization Risk among a National Sample of College Students: A Lifestyles-Routine Activities Approach
Author:  Heidi Scherer, Ph.D.

TitleUnderstanding Organizational and Ecological Impacts on Police Use of Formal Authority: Testing an Ecological Theory of Police Response to Deviance
Author:  Cody Stoddard, Ph.D.

TitleThe Effect of Victimization on Women’s Health: Does the Victim-Offender Relationship Matter?
Author:  Megan Stewart, Ph.D.

Title:  Local Law Enforcement in the Realm of Cyberspace: The Role of Local Law Enforcement Agegncies of Controllling Internet Crime
Author:  James W. Carter, II, Ph.D.

Title:  Perceptions of Neighborhood Problems: Agreement Between Police and Citizens and Impact on Citizen Attitudes
Author:  Melissa Winesburg, Ph.D.

Title:  Does Changing Ownership Change Crime? An Analysis of Apartment Ownership in Cincinnati
Author:  Troy Payne, Ph.D.

Title:  How Much Do Criminologist Know About Crime? Using Environmental Criminology to Assess Our Knowledge of  Crime
Author:  Justin A. Heinonen, Ph.D.

Title:  Hurricane Katrina, Citizen Displacement, and Social Control:  A Test of the Threat and Benign Neglect Hypotheses
Author:  Andrew J. Myer, Ph.D.

Title:  Adolescent Deviance Within Families and Neighborhoods
Author:  Rebecca Schnupp, Ph.D.

Title:  Diffusion of Innovation and Fraud in the Subprime Mortgage Market
Author:  Cynthia Koller, Ph.D.

Title:  Crime on Turkish Streetblocks:  An Examination of the Effects of High Schools, on Premise Alcohol Outlets and Coffee
Author:  Haci Duru, Ph.D.

Title:  The Impact of Imprisonment on Reoffending: A Meta-Analysis
Author:  Cheryl Lero Jonson, Ph.D.

Title:  Assessing the Effectiveness of the Cincinnati Police Department’s Automatic License Plate Reader System
Author:  M. Murat Ozer, Ph.D.

Title:  Improving Statistical Modeling of Repeat Victimization: Zero-Inflated Effect and Bayesian Prediction
Author:  Seong Min Park, Ph.D.

Title:  White-Collar Offenders and the Prison Experience:  An Empirical Examination of the “Special Sensitivity” to Imprisonment
Author:  William Stadler, Ph.D.

Title:  Being Pursued Online: Extent and Nature of Cyberstalking Victimization from a Lifestyle/Routine Activities Perspective
Author:  Brad Reyns, Ph.D.

Title:  The Construction and Validation of an Institutional Release Risk & Needs Assessment
Author:  Richard Lemke, Ph.D.

Title:  Love Me, Hate Me, Beat Me: The Impact of Child Maltreatment on Delinquency
Author:  Shannon Barton Bellessa, Ph.D.

Title:  Community Policing and Federal Civil Liability Under 42 USC 1983
Author:  Thomas Hughes, Ph.D.

Title:  The Meaning of Punishment: What Do Inmates Expect From Prison?
Author:  Martha Henderson Hurley, Ph.D.

Title:  Good Kids in Bad Circumstances: A Longitudinal Analysis of Resilient Youth
Author:  Michael Turner, Ph.D.

Title:  RECLAIM Ohio: An Innovative Policy Initiative in Juvenile Corrections
Author:  Melissa Moon, Ph.D.

Title:  An Evaluation of Paint Creek Youth Center
Author:  Jill Gordon Potts, Ph.D.

Title:  Parental Support in Juvenile Delinquency: A Test of Social Support Theory
Author:  John P. Wright, Ph.D.