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CECH is home to nationally recognized faculty who have knowledge and expertise in various academic disciplines. With a student to faculty ratio of 18 to 1, our faculty provide students with the highest level of support - academically and professionally.

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Dean's Office Staff

Headshot of Lawrence Johnson

Lawrence Johnson

Dean, Professor, and Executive Director of the Arlitt Child and Family Research and Education Center, CECH Educ Criminal Justice & Human Srvcs

Teachers College


Lawrence J. Johnson received his PhD from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He specializes in behavioral problems and statistical analysis. Dr. Johnson has published extensively. Additionally, he served as the Principal Investigator or primary author of 200 grant proposals that have had an impact at the local state, and national levels. Dr. Johnson has been recognized by the International Council for Exceptional Children Division of Teacher Education for his contributions as president of the organization. He strives to enhance the excellence of teaching at the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services.
Headshot of Julie A Breen

Julie A Breen

Director, Office of the Dean

548D Teachers College


Headshot of Terra Renae Butler

Terra Renae Butler

Assistant Director of Academic Services, Office of the Dean

360I Teachers College


Headshot of Pamela  S. Chin

Pamela S. Chin

Sr HR Manager, Office of the Dean

412B Teachers College


Headshot of Tiffany P Chin

Tiffany P Chin

Mgr Special Projects and Programs, Office of the Dean

410 Teachers College


Headshot of Carole   Donnellon

Carole Donnellon

Asst Dir Bus Affairs, Office of the Dean

412C Teachers College


Headshot of Teneisha S Dyer

Teneisha S Dyer

Director of Student Recruitment & Marketing, Office of the Dean

360 Teachers College


Headshot of Chris A. Eden

Chris A. Eden

Senior Director of Development, CECH, Office of the Dean



Headshot of Josie Evans-Phillips

Josie Evans-Phillips

Dir Academic, Office of the Dean

410N Teachers College


Headshot of Sabine Flessa

Sabine Flessa

Office of the Dean

336I Teachers College


Headshot of Jason Gerst

Jason Gerst

I.T. Manager, Office of the Dean

536B Teachers College


Headshot of Nikki   Holden

Nikki Holden

Instructional Designer Sr, Office of the Dean

548C Teachers College


Headshot of Greg G. Hollon

Greg G. Hollon

Program Director, Office of the Dean

336E Teachers College


Headshot of Kaitlyn Christine Johnson

Kaitlyn Christine Johnson

Associate to the Office for Innovations & Community Partnerships, Office of the Dean

410K Teachers College


Headshot of Jud Phay Leong

Jud Phay Leong

Multi-Media Coordinator, Office of the Dean

548E Teachers College


Headshot of Kathie J Maynard

Kathie J Maynard

Assoc Dean, Office of the Dean

410H Teachers College


Headshot of Benjamin Overberg

Benjamin Overberg

Computer User Support Specialist I, Office of the Dean

536C Teachers College


Headshot of Scott J Pena

Scott J Pena

Graduate Enrollment Advisor , Office of the Dean

360O Teachers College


Headshot of Corbin Michael Purdum

Corbin Michael Purdum

Enrollment Services Adviser, Office of the Dean

360N Teachers College


Headshot of Danielle Signorile

Danielle Signorile

Administrative Director, Office of the Dean

Teachers College


Headshot of Calvert H. Smith

Calvert H. Smith

Professor Emeritus and AAIMS Director, Office of the Dean

3150H EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center


Headshot of Dale Arthur Tolbert

Dale Arthur Tolbert

Enrollment Services Adviser, Office of the Dean

360A Teachers College


Headshot of Samantha Marie Tribble

Samantha Marie Tribble

Marketing & Promotions Coord, Office of the Dean

336 Teachers College


Headshot of Nicole Nared-Washington

Nicole Nared-Washington

Assistant Director of Marketing and Publications, Office of the Dean

336B Teachers College