VMware Software

VMware software is available online through an agreement with the Department of Information Technology and VMware.

Your username is your UC email address (@mail.uc.edu)

This agreement and service is made possible through the University of Cincinnati student ITIE funding provided for use by the students of the School of Information Technology.

Eligible participants in this program must be a student in the School of Information Technology degree or certificate program. Eligibility extends only while the student is enrolled in a School of Information Technology program.

Login accounts, to the VMware site, are generated from a list of students registered in a Department of Information Technology course for the semester in which the course is offered. A list of UC Email Addresses from the course registration list is submitted semesterly to the VMware site to re-enable previously created Login accounts, or to create new Login accounts. ONLY UC Email Addresses are listed and submitted to the VMWare site; NO other student information is submitted. Prior Login accounts for students no longer registered in Department of Information Technology courses will be disabled, but may be re-enabled upon registration in a Department of Information Technology course.

VMware Login accounts will be the full UC Email Address of the student as provided by the course registration list. ONLY a valid UC Email Address will be submitted to VMware.

The UC Email Address list is submitted to VMware the first day of classes for the current semester and one week later to add late course registrants. Students who register for a Department of Information Technology course after this period and wish access to the VMware site must contact OITLD with a copy of their current schedule and their UC Email Address.

Login accounts that have been used in prior semesters will be re-enabled immediately upon submission of the UC Email Address list to VMware. Prior Login accounts that are re-enabled will NOT receive notification from the VMware site and their password will remain unchanged. If a password has been forgotten, a Reminder Email may be requested for the account and will be sent to the UC Email Address of the student.

New Login accounts are generally created within 24-48 hours upon submission of the UC Email Address list to VMware. The new Login account participants will receive an email sent to their UC Email Address account with their temporary password.

Access the VMware website.

Additional questions about this service may be directed to CECH IT Office