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UC Sport Administration students at a game in Nipper Stadium

Ignite Your Sports Career with UC's Sport Administration Program

Experience the heart of the sports industry through the University of Cincinnati's Sport Administration program. Nestled in a vibrant sports hub, just minutes from downtown Cincinnati, our program offers a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the sports world and gain invaluable industry experience. In the classroom, our dedicated faculty seamlessly integrate theory with real-world application, fostering an environment where students engage with local industry experts through guest speakers, hands-on projects, internships, volunteer experiences, and collaborative research initiatives.

Our B.S., Minor, and Certificate programs are preparing the next generation of leaders in the sport industry.

Advance your career with a Master's Degree focusing on Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Athletic Administration.

Our comprehensive Bachelor of Science in Sport Administration degree offers students a forward-thinking curriculum that anticipates the latest industry trends. We're dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge and practical skills crucial for success in the business-driven fields of professional, collegiate, and interscholastic sports. Putting a strong emphasis on holistic development, we prioritize shaping future industry leaders by integrating courses in diversity, ethics, and leadership. This all-encompassing curriculum ensures that students not only understand the business side of sports but also emerge well-prepared for vibrant careers in team-oriented and diverse settings. Choose our Sport Administration program for a pathway to thriving in the dynamic world of sports.


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4 yr

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The Sport Administration program at the University of Cincinnati Preparing students to be leaders in the sport industry through experience-based learning, best-practice approaches and industry collaborations.

Why Choose Sport Administration at UC?

With about five million people working in sport-related occupations, our graduates are well-prepared for many roles in professional sports, college athletics, and high school athletic administration. The spectrum of career opportunities extends to sport associations, sporting events, management of sport venues, health and fitness, recreation, and the sporting goods industry. Choose UC's Sport Administration program to not only gain academic excellence but also to unlock the doors to a dynamic and rewarding career in the exciting world of sports. Our program gives graduates a robust technical foundation and the business skills required to make a successful entry into sport management and athletics. Graduates emerge with a career-oriented degree, positioning them for diverse employment opportunities in this rapidly growing industry.

The most beneficial aspect of the Sport Administration program is the hands-on experience that gave me valuable insight into the sport industry.

Nathan Bohrer

Real World Experiences

SPAD Experiences

We know that education is not always found in the classroom, which is why our students gain professional work experience starting their freshman year. Build your professional network and make your mark on the sport industry through internships and volunteer opportunities within sport associations, professional and collegiate sport organizations, sport venues and events, and more.

Education Without Borders


The University of Cincinnati offers a variety of excellent study abroad programs. Our Sport Administration students have traveled Spain, Ireland, Germany, South Korea, and Greece to examine sport business, culture, and history in other countries. Students gain a global perspective and develop lasting relationships with their faculty and peers.

Making an Impact


Experience the program's influence both within and beyond the classroom. Explore the diverse initiatives within the Sport Administration program that contribute to a comprehensive and impactful educational experience.

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The University of Cincinnati’s Sport Administration program features an industry-leading experience through a proven curriculum. Interested in learning more? Request more information today!