School of Human Services

The School of Human Services is unified in making real-world connections. Our outstanding faculty, combination of undergraduate and graduate programs, and strong community partnerships prepare students for impactful careers.

Through our Bachelor's programs, Minor, and Certificates, we will provide best practices, based on research, and real-world experience to prepare you for a career serving others and improving your community.

With Doctorate, Master's, and Graduate Certificate Programs offered, there are many ways to enhance your career while serving your community. Each program is based in research and will prepare you to be a difference maker.

We are unified in making real world connections in our research, field experiences, and partnerships. See highlights of our real world experiences that will prepare you to be a leader in your chosen career upon graduation.

Our faculty are leaders in contributing to best practices knowledge in our disciplines. All doctoral students are involved in research, with additional opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. See current research highlights and opportunities.