Team Members

UCESC has a professional staff with diverse backgrounds and experience in program evaluation, assessment, applied research, consultation, and training. Team members bring experiences in the fields of higher education, K-12 and early childhood education, human services, public health, the social sciences, business, engineering, and community development, as well as quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, biosocial, and action research.

Team Members

  • Regina Coates, A.S., Business Manager
  • Carmen Culotta, Ph.D., Research Associate
  • Qing Duan, Ph.D., Research Associate
  • Keren Mabisi, M.G.S., Junior Research Associate
  • Edie Morris, Ph.D., Research Associate
  • Carissa Schutzman, Ph.D., Sr. Research Associate
  • Rachel Smith, M.H.Sc., Program Manager
  • Sonya Turner, M.P.A., Associate Director

Student Trainees

  • Brianna Brown
  • Benjamin Edwards
  • Danielle Graham, M.A.*
  • Rachel Jackson, M.A.*
  • Yuanfang Liu, M.A.*
  • Nan Yang, M.A.*

* indicates graduate student

Evaluation Associates (Contractors)

  • Julia Holton, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliates

  • Vicki Plano Clark, PhD, Associate Professor, CECH