Training Institutes

Our 2019 Training Institutes were a HUGE success! UCCI hosted 250 trainees from over 50 agencies across 26 states in the US and abroad. Thank you to all the individuals to attended and contributed to these events!

Annual Training Institutes (at UC)

Each year, in May and August, UCCI hosts a week-long Training Institute on campus at the University of Cincinnati. Registrants can choose from a variety of training options, and take advantage of networking opportunities with staff from other agencies across the US. These institutes allow agencies who have previously been trained and implemented UCCI programs to get new hire staff up to speed, while also allowing individuals from smaller agencies a cost-effective way to implement evidence-based practices.

This summer’s Annual Training Institutes will take place May 4 – 8, 2020 and August 10 – 14, 2020

2019 Institutes - a great success!

This summer, UCCI hosted two Training Institutes here at the University of Cincinnati for a total of over 250 corrections professionals!

Our May 6 – 10 session included 114 participants from 52 agencies across 26 states in the US. We offered end user training in Case Planning, CBI-Core Youth, CBI-Substance Use, EPICS, ORAS and Quality Assurance for Groups. We also offered trainer sessions in Case Planning, CBI-Employment and ORAS.

Our August 12 – 16 session included 140 participants from 54 agencies across 21 states in the US and 2 international territories/countries. We offered end user training in CBI-Core Adult, CBI-Employment, CBI-Sexual Offending, Core Correctional Practices, OYAS and Quality Assurance for Groups. We also offered trainer sessions in CBI-Substance Use, Core Correctional Practices and OYAS.

To receive updates on the training institutes and be the first to hear about any open registration training opportunities, please email your name, agency, and position title to the Corrections Institute.


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