Fidelity, or how well something is done, is key to recidivism reductions. UCCI works with agencies in numerous ways to help ensure fidelity, seeking to create positive outcomes that will reduce reoffence rates and increase public safety. First, we have developed a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of correctional programs—The Evidence-Based Correctional Program Checklist (CPC). We conduct CPC assessments and train staff to conduct CPC assessments on behalf of their agency. Second, we provide PROGRAM DESIGN services so they better adhere to the research surrounding what works in changing delinquent and criminal behavior. Third, we provide on-site and off-site TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to help agencies track their outcomes. Fourth, we provide individual staff observation and COACHING. Lastly, we train peer coaches and supervisors to conduct their own staff observations and COACHING within the agency.

As we have implemented CBI-CC into our Day Reporting Center, UCCI has been a constant support and has helped us to overcome many common challenges with implementing a curriculum with our adult population.

Sonoma County, CA

Two trainers attending the August Training Institute