UCCI recommends and offers a range of solutions for all agencies across the justice system. We utilize products created both internally at the University of Cincinnati and externally by other expert individuals and groups. All approaches are based on the Principles of Effective Intervention (Risk, Need, Responsivity) framework.

Program EVALUATIONS measure how well an agency is aligned with evidence-based practices, allowing areas of growth to be identified and addressed for greater program outcomes.

Risk ASSESSMENTS  serve to help agencies identify an individual’s risk to reoffend, and further support a rehabilitative approach through effective case planning.

Once we know the need areas to address, INTERVENTIONS provide the opportunity for staff to teach an individual how to reshape their behavior with a long-term, prosocial focus.

E-LEARNING modules allow agencies to provide overviews of foundational research topics that guide effective program design and intervention.

These approaches are most effective when delivered as designed, and we offer several options to monitor and improve FIDELITY.