The Center for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR) at the University of Cincinnati (Ohio) was founded in 1996 to serve the needs of criminal justice agencies locally, statewide, and throughout the nation to facilitate research in the administration of justice and the nature of criminal behavior.

The Center currently has over $6 million in grants and contracts.

The Faculty Board of the Center consists of recognized experts who are committed to excellence in criminal justice research.

The Center offers expertise in a range of areas including survey design, survey implementation, data management, statistical analysis, program evaluation, scientific research, and program planning.

The Carnegie Commission ranks the University of Cincinnati as a Research I University, one of only 75 in the nation of more than 5,000 institutions of higher education.

The types of agencies and clients served by CCJR include courts (local, state and federal), police (local, state and federal), probation and parole (local, state and federal), private service providers, Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services, National Institute of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Ohio Department of Youth Services, Ohio Attorney General's Office, local counties and municipalities and youth serving agencies.