CAEP Accreditation

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The University of Cincinnati School of Education has earned national accreditation by demonstrating excellence in the areas of content and pedagogy, clinical experiences, selectivity, program impact, and capacity for continuous improvement from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

CAEP accredited programs include:

·       Early Childhood Education (P-5)

·       Middle Childhood Education (4-9)

·       Secondary Education (7-12)

·       Special Education Intervention Specialist (K-12)

·       Principal License

Educator Preparation Performance

The EPP at the University of Cincinnati seeks to improve outcomes for students in high needs schools by preparing professionals who recognize the moral imperative to teach all children. We prepare educators who are committed to issues of social justice, caring about each individual, and are competent in evidence-based practice and data-driven decisions. Instilling 21st century skills such as information literacy, thinking and problem solving, and interpersonal relationships and self-direction, provides the foundation for our work. We strive to prepare educators who support self-determination, advocacy, and empowerment for the most disenfranchised students.


The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) has established four annual reporting measures which are used to provide information to the public on both program impact and program outcomes. The CAEP measures with links to supporting evidence for each measure are provided below:


Measure 1: Completer Effectiveness (R4.1)

OTES Data – The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System evaluates both teacher performance and student academic growth.

Measure 2: Satisfaction of Employers with Program Completers (R4.2, R5.3, RA4.1)

The following data sets collectively demonstrate the satisfaction of employers with our program completers.  The persistence of Resident Educators and strong and positive performance evaluations by employers and supervisors of teachers and principals indicate that employers are satisfied with our graduates.  We continue to work closely with school partners to increase response rates on the Employer Satisfaction Survey to gather further insight from employers of our completers.

Resident Educator Data - The Resident Educator program data shows the persistence of University of Cincinnati graduates through the four-year residency program.

OTES Data - The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System evaluates both teacher performance and student academic growth.

OPES Data – The Ohio Principal Evaluation System evaluates the performance of building leaders with a focus on specific strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Measure 3: Candidate Competency at Completion (R3.3)

OAE Pass Rates – The Ohio Assessments for Educators measure completer competency in state-required content and pedagogy.

Measure 4: Ability of Completers to be Hired

Employment Data