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“What Do I Do Now?”:

Active Practice in Responding to Racist Comments in Our Lives

A Four-Part Workshop Series with Itzel Hayward and Kathy Simon

In their first four-part workshop series, offered last fall, Itzel and Kathy shared skills for challenging racist words and ideas in a way that’s most likely to encourage individuals to change—or at least to have openness to looking at their beliefs and behavior.  We explored having the impulse to avoid these conversations and what it might look like if we chose to engage in them, instead.  We practiced ways of listening deeply, without implying agreement.  We explored avenues for sharing our own beliefs, based on core values and possible common ground, rather than on attacking the other’s position.  And we looked at the “mindful inner world” that is necessary to ground this practice and find our balance when we hear painful, triggering statements.

This series incorporates feedback received in the first series about considerations of power dynamics and the variety of challenging situations participants encounter.  The class will be based on situations and scenarios brought by participants and will center on role plays and active practice. Kathy and Itzel will guide participants in finding satisfying and effective ways to bring up or to respond to topics around race.

Meeting details: May 4, 11, 18, and 25 from 12pm-1:30pm via zoom

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Past Events

Lessons Learned: A Before and After Look at the Disillusion of a Pride Center

This workshop will share the findings of an action-research project. We explored the scope of mental health, significant risks, and protective factors among a specified group within the gender sexual minority (GSM) community identified as Caucasian gay males, between the ages of 18-69. These men were residents of a local community who were directly impacted by the dissolution of their community Pride Center.

Presented by: Dr. Rachael D. Nolan (she/her), a highly trained mixed-methodologist, population science researcher, and acclaimed public health professional. She has served as an advocate for the needs of persons affected by chronic and/or terminal illness and their families. Dr. Nolan’s research specializes in understanding the unique social determinants of well-being experienced by underserved and medically disadvantaged communities, older adults, LGBTQ* folk, and the differently-abled.

Meeting Details: 

 March 31st, 2022 at 12pm-1pm via zoom


Teaching for Equity: Enacting Agency through Collaborative Faculty Leadership

Presented by: Annie Bauer, Connie Kendall Theado, Stephen Kroeger, Miriam Raider-Roth, Mark Sulzer, and Susan Watts-Taffe

Six UC School of Education faculty will share our Critical Friends process for examining our teaching through a culturally relevant pedagogy (CRP) lens. In this session, we will engage in the Critical Friends process and debrief together with participants in the session.

This workshop will take place via zoom on February 18th, from 12pm - 1pm.


Feed your Mind Lunch Gathering: Dr. Beatriz Reyes-Porter and Dr. Aimee deNoyelles presented “Using Photovoice as a Critical Pedagogical Tool in Online Discussions.”

Meeting details:

February 26, 2020
Noon-1pm via Zoom


Feed your Mind Lunch Gathering (cosponsored by the School of Education): Dialogue Across Differences About Race, with Kathy Simon & Itzel Hayward
As teachers and facilitators, we want to nurture dialogue across difference, promote mutual understanding, and navigate hard conversations about race that may come up.  How do we manage all of this while leading groups?
In this interactive workshop, we’ll work on ways to respond to challenging comments in ways that promotes empathy and deeper understanding.Replace with your text

Meeting details:
November 19
Noon – 1:30 via Zoom


Feed your Mind Lunch Gathering: Dr. Farrah Jacquez and Dr. Anjali Dutt presented “Diversity & Democracy in Participatory Research with Refugees: A Liberation Approach to Public Psychology.”

Meeting details:

October 20, 2020
Noon-1pm via Zoom


Feed your Mind Lunch Gathering: Dr. Dana Harley presented "Photovoice as a Tool for Informing the Development of a Culturally Sensitive Behavioral Health Measure for Vulnerable Adolescents."

Meeting details:

September 16, 2020
Noon -1pm via Zoom