Submit a Proposal

The session proposal deadline has now passed. If you missed the deadline but are still interested in presenting at the Expo, please e-mail Prof. Naomi Matley at with your session topic, and we will place you on the waitlist.

Note: If you are a student who is selected to present, you will be required to attend/enroll in EXSC 3034C: Crafting a Professional Presentation (1 credit) during the spring semester. The course will begin February 5, and will include mentorship in designing your presentation as well as guidance from faculty members. More information will be provided after you've been selected!

General Topic Areas

  • Personal Training
  • Strength & Conditioning or Sports Science
  • Wellness (e.g., mental health, healthy lifestyles)
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness Management
  • Group Fitness
  • Clinical / Special Populations
  • Fitness Business / Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Development

Session Types

  • Lecture (45 minutes): Classroom style presentation accompanied by visual presentation slides (e.g., PowerPoint)

  • Lightning talk (10-15 minutes): Short presentations designed to articulate a topic in a quick, insightful, and clear manner in a way that grabs the audience's attention (think: TedTalk). Several lightning talks will be combined into one longer session.

  • Interactive workshop (45-60 minutes): Movement-based session with explanations/lecture material throughout. About half of the session is spent in movement mode, so participants learn and practice the concepts introduced in the session.

  • Specialty workout (45-60 minutes): Movement-based session to provide participants with the opportunity to experience well-designed workouts in a variety of different formats or modalities.

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Naomi Cynthia Matley

Asst Professor - Educator