Our current and future students recieve awesome service from our Academic Advisors, Staff, and Faculty.  Our team is dedicated to providing our current students with the support they need to have a positive student experience and our future students accurate information about our programs they need to make an informed decision about their future. 

Here is a list of our faculty and staff that works for the School of Information Technology. You will be able to find their contact information to reach out to them directly.

Our advisory board works for some of the most esteemed and known companies in this area and beyond. 

Find your Academic and Co-Op Adivsor if you have questions about your schedule, program, Co-Op, and study abroad opportunities.

Learn about our centers that allows our students to look deeper in their field, attend events, and expand their research.


Read about our alumni and their experience in our program. You can read about their achievements and how they are making headlines within their community.