Student Registration

All student projects will be registered through Project Board. Registration is outlined in detail in Project Board upon sign up. This includes 8 registration steps, ISEF Forms, and OAS Consent Forms. Please make sure that your teacher also registers in Project Board so that you can be added to their classroom.

For District Science Day Projects, go to the Student Registration Directions and complete the steps to create your Project Board account. NOTE: If you are completing a group project, follow the instructions on the Project Board homepage to complete your specific registration steps. 


The event is open to all students in grades 5 – 12 and no local fair participation is needed. There is no registration fee required. Your school must be located in the southwestern Ohio district which includes the following counties: Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, Preble, and Warren.

Students from other counties can find the location of their District Science Day on the Ohio Academy of Sciences website. Students who attend virtual schools, are home schooled, or participate in community science fairs are invited to participate as well.

Required Materials

The requirements for student projects can be found on the State Science Day Website under the Printable Instructions section. For the in-person event on March 9th, students will present using a tri-fold display.


Project Board’s website contains helpful videos for each step of your project including:

  • Getting Started
  • Topic Selection
  • Background Research
  • Stating the Testable Hypothesis
  • Procedures
  • ISEF Forms
  • Even More Resources Available!

Please check these resources for support on your project or support for your registration. If you have additional questions, please contact us at