Teachers and Guidance Counselor Resources

We believe that teachers and high school guidance counselors are our partners in providing solutions to their students finding the right fit for college. To help guide your students on making a suitable choice, take the time to review our campus experiences. 

First-Year Recruitment Events

Our First-Year/ Freshman Advisor conducts a series of events throughout the year that are open to high school students to learn more about our college programs and their career opportunities. We create a complete picture of a student experience with the help of our current students, staff, and faculty members.

CECH Connection

CECH Connection is an opportunity for undecided students to learn about the majors in our college, career pathways, campus resources, and steps to complete the application. This event is also customizable, where you can request to hear from a specific campus department that is relevant to your students.

Criminal Justice Academy

The Criminal Justice Academy is a learning opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice industry. This program will allow students to learn more about specific career choices, job growth, and outcomes and to hear from our alumni and current students on their experience in our programs.

Teacher Academy

Teacher Academy is available to anyone interested in working toward a career in education. In this program, students will learn about the teaching experiences at each grade level (i.e., early childhood, secondary, middle, and special education). Students will also learn about the state requirements of becoming a certified teacher while hearing about our current students' college experiences.

IT Academy

The Information Technology field is producing more career opportunities every day. However, there aren’t enough educated IT professionals to fill the demand. IT Academy will allow students to learn about our IT degree, program concentrations, certificates, and accelerated degree options. They will hear from our current students and learn from their experiences along with the faculty.

Careers in Sport

The Sport industry is rapidly growing, nationwide and within Ohio. This program allows students to learn about the various career options in the sport industry and our Sport Administration undergraduate program. Students will have an opportunity to hear from the alumni working in the field and our faculty members about their experiences in this program.

Exercise Science

Our Exercise Science degree prepares students to work with general and special populations to improve their health and fitness regime through exercise. This program will lead to careers in health/fitness settings within commercial and medical fitness centers, non-profit facilities such as the YMCA, schools, universities, and recreational centers.

To inquire about any of our programs or schedule a class visit, schedule an appointment with Corbin Purdum. Review a full list of our resources and commonly asked questions for our counslors.

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Corbin Purdum

Assistant Director, Student Recruitment

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