First- Year Student Events

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CECH provides college events for our first-year students that provides an opportunity to connect with their fellow collegemates, learn about available resources, and have a positive student experience. We are excited about having you join our college and look forward to providing you options that will make your first year in college a memorable one!

Upcoming Events

CECH Virtual Welcome Week Events

This year CECH will conduct its first Welcome Week events for our first-year students. We couldn't be more thrilled about the series of events we have planned. Take a look at what we're planning that you can expect to take place during the week of August 17, 2020- August 21, 2020. To keep our students safe, our events will be virtual displayed throughout our social media platforms. Be sure to follow us to stay informed.

  • Cooking Demos
    • Mug Cakes 
    • 24 hour Cold Brew Coffee
    • Special Cooking demo from Dean Lawrence Johnson
  • LIVE Trivia Games
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Netflix Movie Night

Please continue to check our website for the official events and the dates they'll take place as we finalize our details. 

To explore the Welcome Week activities conducted by the University of Cincinnati, review the events on the Campus Life webpage. 

First- Year Student Events

Our Welcome Week team is committed to providing full access to all of our programs and services for participants with potential access needs such as a disability. If you require accessibility accommodations to fully participate in Welcome Week programs, please contact the Office of Accessibility Resources by email for assistance.

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For more events like this and student information, follow us on social media and ask to join our CECH Freshman Class Facebook group where you can meet other future Bearcats in our college. 

CECH Welcome Week Events Calendar    
 Monday  8/17     Tuesday  8/18     Wednesday  8/19     Thursday  8/20     Friday 8/21   

9am-Trivia Challenge

Ball is Life!

12pm-Trivia Challenge

Emoji Movies Challenge

2pm-Trivia Challenge

CECH Trivia Challenge

*Chances to win prizes at every game!

3pm-New Student Convocation

10am-Cooking Demo

Homemade Cheese Bread

11am-Cooking Demo

24 hour Cold Brew Coffee

12pm-Cooking Demo

Ramen Noodle

1pm-Cooking Demo

Mud Cakes

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3pm-New Student Convocation

3pm-New Student Convocation

5pm-Trivia Challenge

Netflix Trivia

*Chances to win prizes!

7pm-Netflix Movie Night

All Day Scavenger Hunt!

Are you up for the challenge? Grab your friends and play along with our Welcome Week Scavenger Hunt!

Compete in fun challenges throughout the day for a chance to win some prizes.  

Tune in on our social media platforms to play along.

3pm-New Student Convocation

10-11:30 -College Day

*Required event for all incoming freshman!

3pm-New Student Convocation

9am – Trivia Challenge - Ball is life!

Correctly identify the basketball player who was known by the nickname on the screen. Use the link below to attend the event! 

Play for a chance to win CECH swag!

Ball is Life Trivia Event

12pm – Emoji Movies Challenge

Contestants must guess the name of the movie based on the emojis shown on the screen. The emojis may be something simple, like the title itself, or a little more difficult, like the plot. Use the link below to attend the event! 

First to post the correct name of the movie in the chat box gets a chance to spin prize wheel.

Emoji Movies Challenge Trivia Event

2pm – CECH Trivia Challenge

Test your knowledge of CECH and prove who is the biggest CECH fan. Use the link below to attend the event! 

Winner gets to spin the prize wheel.

CECH Trivia Challenge Trivia Event

3pm - New Student Convocation

  • Welcome from Gregory Loving, Faculty Chair
  • Student Body President Logan Lindsay shares words of wisdom and the Bearcat Bond

Tune in Monday at 3:00pm (EST)

Watch Monday's Video Here


Join Dean Lawrence Johnson and other CECH Staff Members as they teach you how to make some easy recipes that will sure come in handy during college.

  • 10am Cooking Demo - Homemade Cheese Bread
  • 11am Cooking Demo - 24 hour Cold Brew Coffee
  • 12pm Cooking Demo - Ramen Noodle
  • 1pm Cooking Demo - Mud Cakes

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3pm - New Student Convocation

Student Speakers offer advice, share stories, and welcome incoming Bearcats.

  • Zoe Stallings - "Remember to Forget"
  • Avery Abraham - "Delta X"
  • Sheffi Tiwari - "Home Away From Home"
  • Daniel Posmik - "Resilience"
  • Erica Middleton - "Lower case to CAPS LOCK"

Tune in Tuesday at 3:00pm (EST)

Watch Tuesday's Video Here

3pm- New Student Convocation

Inspirational and motiviating words from UC Athletics.

  • John Cunningham, Director of Athletics
  • Michelle Clark-Heard, Head Coach, Women's Basketball
  • Scott Googins, Head Coach, Baseball
  • John Brannen, Head Coach, Men's Basketball

Tune in Wednesday at 3:00pm (EST)

Watch Wednesday's Video Here

5pm-Netflix Trivia

Test your Netflix Knowledge by competing with your friends in CECH's Netflix Trivia. Have fun winning some great prizes! Use the link below to attend the event! 

Netflix Trivia Event

7pm-Netflix Movie Night (Spider-man into the Spiderverse)

Join your fellow first-year students in a virtual movie night and chat! 

How to Join the Netflix Party 

  1. You MUST have a subscription to Netflix in order to join  
  2. For the full experience join on a laptop or pc to better sync with the Netflix Party  
  3. Follow this link in order to download the chrome extension 
  4. Join the Netflix Party here
  5. Open the link on your chrome browser
  6. Login to your Netflix account 
  7. Click on the red Netflix Party icon to join!
  8. Please be sure to read over the chat rules below  

Chat Rules: 

  1. Be polite in the chat. No bullying. No  
  2. Please refrain from using illicit language  
  3. Please do not post links via the chat  
  4. Respect everyone in the chat, don’t be rude  
  5. No Spamming

All Day Scavenger Hunt!

Are you up for the challenge? Grab your friends and play along with our Welcome Week Scavenger Hunt! Compete in fun challenges throughout the day for a chance to win some prizes.  

Tune in on our social media platforms to play along. Follow us on InstagramFacebook, or Snapchat to participate!  

3pm - New Student Orientation

  • Join the Student Orientation Leaders (SOLs) you met through Orientation to learn UC Traditions
  • Student Alumni Council (SAC) introduces Red & Black Book

Tune in Thursday at 3:00pm (EST)

Watch Thursday's Video Here

College Day 

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  
Location: Virtual-WebEx Link

Required event for all incoming freshman!

College Day is an opportunity for freshman to meet classmates within your specific college, meet faculty, administrators, and your academic advisor, as well as learn the expectations that your college has of you!

All first-year students will receive an email from their college with detailed instructions on how the day will flow. All first-year Bearcats will meet virtually with their Student Orientation Leader (SOL) at 10:00 AM. 

Get social by sending us pictures of you logged in and ready to engage by using #UCCD2020

3:00pm- New Student Convocation

  • President Neville Pinto welcomes new Bearcats
  • Welcome from Ronald D. Brown, Chairman, Board of Trustees

Tune in Friday at 3:00pm (EST)

Watch Friday's Video Here