The Corrections Institute at the University of Cincinnati is committed to the dissemination of best practices to communities, facilities, and agencies seeking to change offender behavior. We work with federal, state, and local governments, and with the private sector and professional organizations, to promote effective interventions and assessments for adult, juvenile and special populations.

The Corrections Institute's nationally recognized team of staff, faculty, graduate assistants and consultants synthesize:

  • Objectivity and excellence in scholarly RESEARCH
  • DEVELOPMENT of creative strategies and evidence-informed interventions
  • Proven approaches to guide effective PRACTICE in the field
  • Evaluative expertise to measure OUTCOMES




UCCI has proudly trained over 35,000 corrections professionals at over 475 agencies around the world!


Research portion of the UCCI wheel
  • Assess the validity and reliability of risk assessment tool

  • Investigate the effects of intervention strategies

  • Conduct process evaluations to understand the use of evidence-based practices

  • Support data tracking and analysis efforts in corrections agencies

  • Disseminate research findings to practitioners, policymakers, and academic audiences


  • Continuing education in both in-person and online formats

  • Translating research into practice

  • Creating curricula through cognitive-behavioral and social learning theories

  • Leading edge evidence-based practices

  • Risk assessment tools and intervention strategies


  • Providing comprehensive training/instruction

  • Identifying potential for growth and target coaching

  • Supporting capacity for quality improvement
  • Encouraging staff to be agents of change


  • Creating positive outcomes

  • Reducing recidivism

  • Coaching for agencies and staff

  • Assessing program effectiveness

  • Providing program design

  • Improving quality assurance practices