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Empower Change, Transform Lives: UC's Public Health Degree

Prepare for a meaningful and impactful career in the health profession with the University of Cincinnati's Bachelor of Science in Public Health program. This innovative and interdisciplinary program is designed to cultivate leaders in the health profession who are adept in education, promotion, and prevention. Pursue a degree that helps people and communities adopt healthy behaviors by studying in an environment that reaches beyond course work and class discussions. The program offers a major and minor track, allowing students to tailor their education to their interests and career goals. The interdisciplinary nature of the program draws expertise from renowned faculty across various colleges, offering innovative curricula focused on preventing disease, promoting health, and addressing emerging issues in public health.

Our Bachelor of Science and Minor programs are preparing the next generation of leaders in public health and health promotion.

Advance your career with a master or doctoral degree in Health Promotion & Education helping people and communities to adopt healthy behaviors and lifestyles.


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The University of Cincinnati is ranked #3 among the nation’s elite institutions for co-op and internships (US News & World Report 2020)

Why Pursue a degree in Public Health?

UC's Public Health program stands at the forefront of addressing current global challenges, emphasizing the urgency and relevance of public health professionals in our society. The program's adaptability allows students to choose from a diverse range of classes, offered both online and in-person. Our unique program draws expertise from renowned faculty across multiple colleges at UC, providing you with a versatile education that addresses key aspects of disease prevention, life extension, and health promotion. Graduates emerge prepared to positively impact global communities' health and well-being, with the option to further customize their academic path through UC's extensive post-graduate health-related programs. Now is the time to embark on a journey to become a versatile and skilled public health professional, addressing the evolving healthcare landscape and contributing to the well-being of communities worldwide.

As a premier urban public research institution, our purpose is to educate and enhance the global community.

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Real World Experiences

Invest in yourself and your career. Become a part of one of the fastest growing fields in the nation. Before you graduate, you will build a resume that sets you apart, make connections that can help lead to job offers, learn what you like most about your field, and gain the confidence only experience provides. The Public Health program distinguishes itself by providing hands-on experiences and real-world insights directly from interdisciplinary experts in fields such as public health, social sciences, and healthcare.

Education That Works for You

Whether you prefer an on-campus experience or the flexibility of online learning, we have got you covered. Whether studying in the classroom, in the field, in the lab, or from the comfort of your own home, you'll have the opportunity to put your education into action.

Top Research Faculty

Customize your curriculum and learn from distinguished faculty members who bring hands-on knowledge and real-world experience from community clinics, hospitals, and health services directly to you.

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