Transfer and Transition Students

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No matter your background or previous college experience, it is still our mission to help you pursue your educational goals. Our recruitment team is waiting to hear from you to create a plan that will get you the college degree you need to make an impact in our community.

What is a transfer student?

It is often confused on the difference between what is the difference between a transfer student versus a freshman student. A freshman is a student who is enrolling into any college program for the first time without any previous college credits attained. A transfer student has completed some college coursework and is seeking to transfer to another learning institution to complete their desired degree program. Our transfer students take advantage of the same resources and opportunities our freshman and graduate students use. Some of the resources that our transfer students find particularly helpful are:

What is a transition student?

If a student is coming from one of our regional campuses, UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont,  or another major within the university, we refer to those students as transition students. Students from one of our regional campuses typically began an adjacent college program with the expectation of transitioning to UC main campus to complete their bachelor degree program. 

Why would a student begin at a regional campus?

Prospective students who are interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree in any of our majors, may not meet the admission requirements, initially. Therefore, starting at UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont can be advantageous as it allows students an opportunity to take the program required coursework at a less cost per credit hour rate and provides an opportunity for students to become college-ready once they transition to main campus. The program requirements can determine if you should start at one of our regional campus. Speak to our Admissions Counselor below to learn which campus is your best option.

Are transfer students eligible for scholarships?

In a word, yes! Here within CECH, we do offer college specific scholarships for transfer and transition students who are transitioning from one of our regional campuses, UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont. Aside from our college scholarships, the university offers scholarships for transfer and transition students as well. To learn more about the university scholarship opportunities, visit the main scholarship and funding page. 

Resources for Transfer and Transition Students

University and College Events

View virtual events held within our college, specifically geared towards new transfer and transition students and families.

UC Close-Ups allow new students to the university to get a closer look at the college where they will be studying their discipline. During this presentation, we will provide an overview of all CECH undergraduate programs, including minors and certificate options, scholarship opportunities, admission criteria, and college specific resources.

Want to see what our campus is like, but can't make it to campus? No problem! We have a virtual tour of the university that will allow you to explore our beautiful campus as if you were here.

Contact our Admissions Professional

For more information about any of our undergraduate programs, please use the contact information below.

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