A 2003 study by Dowden, Antonowicz, and Andrews indicates that relapse preventions programs which trained support people and family were 3X as effective as programs that did not. UC's EPICS for Influencers (EPICS-I) does just this by training positive influencers, mentors, friends, family, coaches, pastors, officers, reentry coalitions, and more on the same evidence-based strategies used by professionals to shape positive and sustainable behavior change.

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Drs. Ed Latessa and Myrinda Schweitzer Smith, together with the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute (UCCI), have been awarded a $5.8 million contract for the creation of a Criminogenic Need and Violent Behavior Program for the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. In line with the UCCI mission to translate research into practice, a team of nationally recognized experts will collaborate to develop a comprehensive program that supports the offender from conviction to reentry. This project will advance the field of corrections by providing the tools officers and treatment providers need to target the known risk factors for reoffending as well as extending services to the offenders support network as they reintegrate into their community.

In 2015, UCCI helped launch a pilot program called Back on Track at the Los Angeles County Jail. The program was designed to rehabilitate inmates and help them stay out of jail. To this day, the program is still going strong!

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