Specialist-Level Curriculum Sequence

Program Orientation

The Specialist-level Program includes 2 years of full-time study followed by a 10-month (1500 clock hour), full-time, supervised internship in a school setting. Students earn a Masters degree upon completion of the curriculum requirements of the first year. This specialist-level preparation leads to certification in school psychology in Ohio (and most other states). It also meets training requirements for National Certification in School Psychology administered through the National Association of School Psychologists. When supplemented by the required post certification experiences in school psychology, the Specialist-level Program meets the eligibility requirements for entrance to the Ohio State Board of Psychology licensing examination in school psychology.

Year 1

Overview: Orientation to the profession of school psychology and to the Program training model; mastery of foundations for professional practice, especially behavioral foundations. The Master's Degree (MEd) is awarded upon successful completion of all curricular requirements through Spring Quarter (including a minimum of 45 credit hrs.) and the Masters Comprehensive Examination.

Year 2

Overview: Development of competencies for professional practice; integration of knowledge and skills across courses; emphasis on application and development of Pre-Internship Professional Practice Portfolio (submitted in Spring Quarter to demonstrate readiness for Internship).

Year 3

Overview: Supervised full-time (10 months, 1500 hours) school-based Internship focusing on integration and application practice within the Program training model; continued development of a personal model, professional development and sharing; preparation for profession (licensure, national examination, job seeking, interviewing). The Specialist Degree (EdS) is awarded upon successful completion of all remaining curricular and internship requirements and demonstrating advanced competency in professional skills as evidenced in the EdS Professional Practice Portfolio.

For more detailed information about the Program curriculum, field experiences, and research requirements, please refer to the:

23-24 Ed.S School Psychology Handbook

23-24 Ed.S Field Placement Manual