CSJEC Partnerships

Mandel Teacher Educator Institute

The Center is proud to announce a new partnership with the Mandel Teacher Educator Institute (MTEI). MTEI has, for two decades successfully developed a national cadre of educational leaders. Its graduates are transforming Jewish teaching and learning by engaging teachers in substantive professional development.

MTEI's primary purpose is to develop educational leaders - "teachers of teachers" - who can enhance the quality of Jewish learning through planning and implementing effective and powerful professional development for teachers in their institutions, in their communities, and at the national level. We view ongoing, substantive professional development for educational leaders and teachers as the linchpin for serious progress in Jewish education.

The educational approach embodied in MTEI's practice is grounded in a constellation of convictions about high-quality education. These beliefs are supported by the best thinking today in Jewish and general education. MTEI promotes a vision of Jewish education that:

  • Takes subject matter seriously
  • Emphasizes text study
  • Values learners' thinking and meaning making
  • Fosters inquiry-oriented, collaborative learning
  • Focuses on teachers' classroom practice
  • Regards teacher learning as integral to effective teaching
  • Builds towards ongoing, systemic efforts rather than isolated opportunities

Students in MTEI can now receive a Certificate in Jewish Education through UC's Center for Studies in Jewish Education when they have completed the MTEI course of study. The University of Cincinnati Certificate in Jewish Education immerses students in the theory and practice of Jewish Education. Intended to support teachers and educational leaders from diverse settings, this certificate will assist participants in deepening their subject area expertise, developing their pedagogical stance, and building inquiry approaches to their teaching and learning. Course work offers investigations of reflective practice and Jewish education content areas (curriculum, leadership, text study).

This partnership is funded by the Mandel Foundation.

The Jewish Court of All Time

The Jewish Court of All Time (JCAT) is a web-mediated simulation designed for middle school classrooms where students take on roles of various characters throughout the world, history and literature to address an imaginary court case about a controversial, ethics-centered topic. JCAT is meant to develop students' skills in writing, critical thinking, perspective- taking, historical empathy, and communication, as well as subject literacy in social, historical and cultural contexts. Hand in hand with this program, CSJEC members both conduct their own educational action research into the nature of teaching and learning in JCAT, and facilitate practitioner inquiry with teachers who are using the simulation in their schools.

JCAT is a university-community partnership with: RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network, University of Cincinnati Center for Studies in Jewish Education and Culture, University of Michigan, Hebrew College, and the Jewish Theological Seminary. It is generously supported by the Covenant Foundation. 

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