Student Recruitment and Marketing

About Us

Recruitment and Marketing Mission Statement

Be THE communication and recruiting face and vehicle for CECH by providing:

  • Awareness and education
  • Service to both our Schools, Students, and University as a whole, resulting in firm, demonstrable contribution and growth of the student body population.

Recruitment and Marketing Philosophy

Grow awareness, education and outreach by focusing on firm strategies towards our schools, students and broader community, resulting in:

  • Upward trend enrollment
  • Strong perceived brand presence
  • Increased business partnerships among the schools
  • Increase in overall student satisfaction with both the marketing and recruiting process, service and deliverables.

Our Staff

Headshot of Teneisha S Dyer

Teneisha S Dyer

Director, Student Recruitment & Marketing


Office of Student Recruitment

Headshot of Corbin Michael Purdum

Corbin Michael Purdum

Assistant Director, Student Recruitment


Headshot of Scott J Pena

Scott J Pena

Senior Admissions Counselor


Marketing Services

Headshot of Nicole Nared-Washington

Nicole Nared-Washington

Assistant Director, Marketing and Publications


Headshot of J. Jay Macke

J. Jay Macke

Marketing Coordinator