Master's Degree + Licensure in Middle Childhood Education


Upon completion of the program, candidates will have a masters of education degree and an Ohio initial teaching license in Middle Childhood Education. These programs are accredited by CAEP and meet state requirements for licensure. Middle Childhood Education Candidates are prepared to teach children in grade 4-9 in two different subject areas (English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics). The program is full time and requires candidates to be engaged in school-based experienced arranged by the program field coordinators. All of these programs have courses held on UC main campus in face-to-face sessions.

 All initial teacher licensure programs are cohort based systems, therefore require a two step admissions policy. Candidates’ acceptance into the CI masters degree plus initial licensure is based on their academic qualifications for the program, which includes a bachelors degree and appropriate licensing content work, letters of reference and appropriate professional goals. Admissions into the middle childhood or secondary education cohorts require a satisfactory finding on Federal and State background checks. These are requirements for placements in Ohio schools for field experiences.

Potential students must have met content area requirements (e.g., science, social studies, language arts, mathematics) for the areas they intend to teach prior to entry into the program.

Application Deadlines

Students applying for licensure cohort for admission for fall semester must apply by July 1. Notification will be made by August 1. Fall is the only semester when a student can enter the licensure cohort. Students who wish to begin non-licensure graduate coursework prior to entering cohort should follow the CI application deadlines.

Admission Requirements

Requirements of graduate study, as found in the University of Cincinnati Graduate Handbook and the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services Graduate Handbook must be followed.

Application Procedures

An Application for Graduate Study must be completed and returned in accordance with the directions and must be accompanied by the appropriate application fee. The first step in application for graduate study is to complete the online application at the University of Cincinnati Graduate School website.

Prior to application, please contact Susan Gregson for a licensure evaluation.

The application is not complete, and cannot be reviewed, until the school has received all of the components.

Headshot of Susan A.  Gregson

Susan A. Gregson

Associate Professor-Field Service