Opportunities for Research

The Arlitt Center welcomes research proposals from scholars interested in early childhood development, education, teacher efficacy, and related fields. Prior projects have investigated family literacy, challenging behaviors, math and science learning, nature education, community assets, and learning environment design, among other interesting topics. Faculty and students interested in conducting research at Arlitt are also invited to join the Arlitt Research Fellows.

In addition to faculty and student research conducted at Arlitt, teachers also engage in practitioner research, namely with regard to continuous improvement of pedagogical approaches. A “critical friend” model has been used to support teacher-research and serves as a powerful and positive approach to discover the nuances of best practice and enhance professional learning. Arlitt faculty and staff are available to provide training on this approach to practitioner research, as well as serve the role of critical friend within the broader early childhood community.

For more information contact Dr. Victoria Carr


Children, Youth and Environments Journal

Children, Youth & Environments (CYE) journal is edited by Dr. Victoria Carr, Rhonda Brown, and Vikas Mehta, published by the University of Cincinnati, and distributed internationally by JSTOR. CYE is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, online journal, highlighting the physical spaces where children and youth live, learn, work and play. The CYE mission is to disseminate knowledge and stimulate discussion in support of inclusive and sustainable environments for children and youth everywhere. To learn more about the journal and guidelines for submission, visit the CYE website or contact Managing Editor, Leslie Kochanowski