Doctoral Student Research

Headshot of Sara Marie Tamsukhin

Sara Marie Tamsukhin

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Charles   Schwartz

Charles Schwartz

Instructor - Adj


Headshot of Zhiwen Song

Zhiwen Song

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Elizabeth Jean-Baptiste

Elizabeth Jean-Baptiste

Field Service Assistant Professor


Headshot of Nan Yang

Nan Yang

Student Worker

Headshot of Courtney M Fox

Courtney M Fox

Volunteer Instructor

Headshot of Alicia Rose Boards

Alicia Rose Boards

Program Director Academic


Headshot of Elizabeth Lowrance Adams

Elizabeth Lowrance Adams

Headshot of Leslie Jenna Kochanowski

Leslie Jenna Kochanowski

Academic Researcher


Headshot of Stephanie D Talbot

Stephanie D Talbot

Instructor - Adj


Headshot of Brian J. Verkamp

Brian J. Verkamp

Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Shared Services

Headshot of Heather Lynn Vilvens

Heather Lynn Vilvens

Associate Professor


Headshot of Weiqi   Zhao

Weiqi Zhao

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Courtney M Fox

Courtney M Fox

Volunteer Instructor

Headshot of Danny Joseph Foster

Danny Joseph Foster

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Delonte J. LeFlore

Delonte J. LeFlore

Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Admissions and Director of Recruitment & Outreach


Headshot of Gabrielle Noel Golden

Gabrielle Noel Golden

Program Manager


Headshot of Peter Xiao   Luo

Peter Xiao Luo

Instructor - Adj


Headshot of Elsheika Shandera Pennerman

Elsheika Shandera Pennerman

Asst Professor - Visiting