About CECH

The College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH) is committed to the pursuit of discovery and excellence in research, teaching, and service that addresses real world challenges and opportunities to create positive social change. We prepare students to maximize their ability to have a positive impact and to be contributing members to society. To this end, we embrace five key values:

  • Innovation: exploring, discovering, and implementing new ideas, methods and applications
  • Partnership: seeking out opportunities for partnership in our academic, research, and community pursuits
  • Diversity: embracing and celebrating variation in styles, cultures, and disciplines
  • Leadership: leading through research and by empowering individuals, communities, and organizations
    to evolve and facilitate change through best practices
  • Support: providing an environment where faculty, staff and students thrive

The College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH) is dedicated to making a difference in our communities through outreach, academic programs, and community partnerships. Our students and faculty work side-by-side with teachers, athletic trainers, community wellness experts, intervention specialists, and law enforcement officials, because we value experiential learning as an important element of our degree programs. Current research is incorporated into every course to ensure our graduates are prepared to address the most urgent challenges of our society.

Fast Facts

Enrollment (Fall 2019)
Enrollment Faculty Degrees Offered Certificates Offered Minors Offered

Undergraduate: 3,294

Graduate: 1,664

TOTAL: 4,958

151 Full-Time Faculty Members

1 Associate's

13 Bachelor's

13 Master's

1 Education Specialist

1 Ed.D.

6 Ph.D.'s

17 Undergraduate

22 Graduate

6 Undergraduate

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College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
University of Cincinnati
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410 Teachers-Dyer Complex
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221

Helpful Phone Numbers

  • Dean's Office: 513-556-4307 | College Fax Number: 513-556-2483
  • School of Education: 513-556-3600
  • School of Criminal Justice: 513-556-5827
  • School of Human Services: 513-556-3335
  • School of Information Technology: 513-556-5084
  • Student Recruitment and Marketing: 513-556-6308
  • Student Services Center: 513-556-2336