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Student Success Program

The Student Success Program, in the School of Information Technology, is an initiative to support students and ensure their academic and career success. 

This program is modeled after the UC Athletics academic success program as well as standard project management processes. The program models each course as a project and develop a course game plan (as a tool for project charter) and a course scorecard (as a tool for time and task management. In addition, the program provides peer mentors, or Success Coach, to each student in their first semester. Furthermore, students at any semester can opt-in and join the program.  

The SoIT Students’ Success Program is designed to empower each SoIT student for optimal academic success throughout their academic career.  The program helps students learn and apply basic project management skills such as setting goals, managing tasks and time, and managing communication and risk. 

Student Success Coaches

Trained Student Success Coaches are available to help all School of Information Technology students build successful college practices.  For help with getting organized, learning how to be efficient and effective with your study time, and much more, please contact the Student Success Program today.  For the best experience with the Student Success Program, please be sure to request a coach using the Coach Request Form or contact us.

Student Success Program Schedule – Fall 2021 

Student Success Program Schedule – Fall 2021
Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-9 AM Sarah Luke, Ibukun Sarah, Ebubechukwu Luke, Ibukun -------
9-10 AM
Sarah, Luke Luke, Ibukun, Vismaya Sarah, Ebubechukwu Luke, Ibukun Vismaya Rena
Sarah, Luke, Vismaya (starting at 10:30) Luke, Vismaya, Ibukun
Sarah, Rena, Ebubechukwu
Luke, Ibukun, Vismaya
Rena, Jahnavi, Edward
11-12PM Luke, Edward, Vismaya Vismaya, Sarah Edward, Rena Vismaya, Noah Rena, Jahnavi, Edward
Edward, Surya (starting at 12:30), Vismaya Sarah, Rena
Edward, Surya (starting at 12:30), Jahnavi
Noah, Sukhbir, Jahnavi
Jahnavi, Edward
Edward, Surya, Jahnavi Sarah, Rena, Noah
Surya, Jahnavi, Sukhbir (until 1:30)
Noah, Sukhbir, Jahnavi
Noah, Sukhbir (starting at 1:30)
Surya, Jahnavi, Ibukun Rena, Noah
Surya, Jahnavi, Sukhbir
Jahnavi, Sukbir
Noah, Sukhbir
Surya (until 3:30), Jahnavi, Ibukun
Noah, Ebubechukwu
Surya (until 3:30), Sukhbir
Surya, Ebubechukwu
Ibukun (until 4:30)
Sukhbir (until 4:30)
Surya, Ebubechukwu
5-6PM (virtual only)
6-7PM (virtual only)

Student Success Coaches Contact Information

For the best experience with the Student Success Program or general questions, please contact us via email ( or fill out the Coach Request Form prior to reaching out to a coach.

Headshot of Ibukunoluwa   Daniel

Ibukunoluwa Daniel

Student Worker

Headshot of Ebubechukwu Edokwe

Ebubechukwu Edokwe

Student Worker

Headshot of Surya   Govindu

Surya Govindu

Student Worker

Headshot of Kerry Elizabeth Healey

Kerry Elizabeth Healey

Student Worker

Headshot of Luke Christian King

Luke Christian King

Student Worker

Headshot of Vismaya   Manchaiah

Vismaya Manchaiah

Student Worker

Headshot of Noah Zephaniah Oki

Noah Zephaniah Oki

Student Worker

Headshot of Rena Kaushikkumar Patel

Rena Kaushikkumar Patel

Student Worker

Headshot of Sarah E Radcliffe

Sarah E Radcliffe

Student Worker

Headshot of Jahnavi   Reddy

Jahnavi Reddy

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Edward Emerson Satterley

Edward Emerson Satterley

Student Worker

Headshot of Sukhbir Singh Sekhon

Sukhbir Singh Sekhon

Student Worker