What is Advising

Academic advising is one of the most important services you will receive while you are at the University of Cincinnati. The process of academic advising is a shared responsibility in which the student and the adviser work together to achieve a common goal.

Academic advisers help students:

  • Understand the general education and program requirements
  • Understand major requirements
  • Interpret academic policies
  • Develop educational goals
  • Improve academic performance and seek academic challenges
  • Develop long-term academic plans
  • Develop course schedules that consider the student’s background, course prerequisites and educational goals
  • Identify appropriate resource personnel to assist students with resolving individual problems
  • Identify and develop career goals
  • Overcome barriers to learning

Student Responsibilities:

  • Give thoughtful consideration to your academic and career goals
  • Review the college bulletin, degree progress audit and course schedules to keep current on academic policies, procedures, and requirements
  • Prepare a list of questions before each meeting with your adviser. Have a tentative, written schedule prepared if registering for classes.
  • Know the academic calendar. Do not miss deadlines. Know when to register and add or drop classes.
  • Save personal copies of schedules, tentative degree plans, transfer credit evaluations, grade reports, petitions, and other important information regarding your academic progress.
  • Contact and make appointments with your adviser when you need assistance and cancel any appointments that you are unable to keep.
  • Accept full responsibility for making decisions on academic choices. Academic advisers will present you with options. You will make the final decisions.

The Academic Advising Appointment

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic adviser at least once per semester. Current CECH students can schedule an appointment through Starfish. Prospective CECH students can call the CECH SSC Front Desk at (513) 556-2336 to set up an appointment.

The following is a general guide to help students prepare for an advising appointment:

  • Make the Appointment: Be sure to schedule an appointment each semester with your Academic Advisor! Current CECH students can schedule an appointment through Starfish. Prospective CECH students can call the CECH SSC Front Desk at (513) 556-2336 to set up an appointment.
  • Classes: Prepare a tentative written schedule ahead of time so that you can discuss your classes in more depth with your adviser. Course listings are available on the One Stop website prior to the start of registration, so make sure to take a look at what is being offered and compare it to the remaining coursework on your academic profile.
  • Deadlines & Registration: Be mindful of important deadlines for the semester. If you have questions regarding add/drop and withdrawal deadlines, please let your adviser know. This information can also be found on the academic calendar.
  • Grade Replacements: Let your adviser know if you are planning to do a grade replacement during the upcoming semester so that you can discuss the process together during the appointment time.
  • Program Blackboard Organizations: All students should be registered for their program’s Blackboard organization so that important information can be relayed regarding their academic programs. Please ask your adviser to assist you if you are not enrolled in the appropriate Blackboard organization or if you have difficulties locating the module on Blackboard.
  • Take Control: Academic advisers serve as a support system to provide you with options, resources, and important program information. What you ultimately choose to do in terms of class scheduling and course selection is your decision. Each student is unique and we want to help you find the right balance that works for you.