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Become a compassionate and effective school counselor with a Master of Education in School Counseling from the University of Cincinnati. Renowned for shaping future school counselors through real-world applications of evidence-based practices in PreK-12 school settings, our School Counseling graduate program offers a unique opportunity for individuals passionate about making a positive impact on students' lives. 

At the University of Cincinnati, we are dedicated to shaping licensed professional school counselors ready to make a meaningful impact on students' social, emotional, and career development in diverse PreK-12 school settings, spanning public and private schools. Our Master of Education in School Counseling program prepares students to become licensed Professional School Counselors by providing a comprehensive curriculum that includes specialized classes, field-based practice, and hands-on training through established partnerships with professional school counselors in the field.


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2 yr

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Unleash your potential in the School Counseling program with rigorous coursework that equips you to master data-driven practices as a Professional School Counselor. This high-caliber training not only prepares you for immediate impact but also opens doors for those aspiring to advance their career through doctoral training

Why pursue a Master of Education in School Counseling?

The impact of our School Counseling graduate program extends far beyond traditional education, empowering our graduates to serve as advocates for social justice. Through collaborative efforts with administrators, teachers, parents, students, and various stakeholders, our alumni actively contribute to the establishment of an inclusive and equitable school environment. Their dedication ensures that every student receives fair and supportive services, fostering an atmosphere where each can thrive.

Designed to cultivate culturally responsive professionals, our program equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to lead Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (CSCPs) aligned with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model. Emerging from our program, graduates possess the expertise to guide students on their educational journey and instill essential college and career readiness skills.

In the program, I was able to learn from many professors, participate in conferences, and gain mentorship from working professionals. All these opportunities have truly helped me to feel more confident and competent in my current role.

Kimberly Doty

Real World Experiences


Through our strong school counseling partnerships and high-quality graduates, our program is recognized as a leader within the community. Additionally, our program includes specialized coursework and internship experiences to help school counselor trainees gain the knowledge and skills to aid elementary, middle, and high school students, face grade-level transitions, explore and prepare for future careers as well as college, and thrive in their lives overall.

Top Research Institution


At the University of Cincinnati, we take pride in our faculty's commitment to developing policies, techniques, and training that bridge the gap between research and practice. As a research-intensive university, the University of Cincinnati supports and encourages an active research agenda for faculty. Thus, Students are invited to engage in research with faculty at numerous levels. Most faculty have research teams that include Masters and Doctoral students. Learn more about the types of research opportunities for students in the Master's program.

Research Faculty


The Counseling Program boasts a team of dedicated faculty, consisting of eight and a half full-time counselor educators, offering an enviable faculty-to-student ratio that ensures personalized and enriching learning experiences. Our faculty members bring a wealth of expertise in various domains, with a special focus on ecological approaches within key areas of counseling. Their diverse knowledge spans career development, community counseling, multicultural counseling, trauma/traumatic stress, and chemical dependency. 

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The University of Cincinnati’s School Counseling master’s program features an industry-leading experience through a proven curriculum. Interested in learning more? Request more information today!

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