Selected Projects

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UCESC works with a variety of partners across the sectors of public health, education, and social justice. This list provides a sample of specific work we have done in recent years.


We Engage

Participatory research using data and stories to improve science literacy and community health in Cincinnati communities struggling with health and environmental challenges. The project, funded by the National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award (NIGMS SEPA), uses guided community-research and community-facilitated discussions to design, implement, and evaluate health/environment interventions.

Midwest Consortium for Hazardous Waste Worker Training

Evaluation of the health and safety training provided by the Midwest Consortium for Hazardous Waste Worker Training of more than 17,000 workers a year in how to work more safely in inherently hazardous conditions; funded by the National Institutes for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

Ohio Early Literacy Pilot (Statewide Evaluation)

Comprehensive and robust mixed methods evaluation of five-year pilot project in 24 schools in 15 Ohio school districts. Pilot provides online and in-person professional development for pre-kindergarten through third grade teachers, coaches, and administrators, using Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) materials.

Mission 2 Move (District-wide School-based Mindful Movement Research & Evaluation Project)

Conducting two quasi-experimental and experimental design studies to help a mindful movement program move from a research-based to an evidence-based program. These studies investigate how, for whom, and in what contexts this program positively influences students’ emotional and cognitive regulation and teachers’ adoption of the program.

Ohio Transformation Fund

Community-based participatory research project to build community capacity in data collection, analysis, interpretation, and related action to promote sustainable social change. Project focused on redefining what “safety” means and developing actionable plans using the voices of residents in communities that have been chronically traumatized by crime and over-policing. This partnership among the Cincinnati Black United Front, New Prospect Baptist Church, University of Cincinnati Law, and ESC was recognized by the Center for Clinical &Translational Science & Training Academic-Community Research Partnership Award in 2018.

One Westwood

Community-led effort to directly build leadership and organizational capacity through problem-solving and participatory research. Qualitative study of the formation of a diverse leadership team formed from two neighborhoods through a series of intentional community engagements to establish mutually shared goals for a stronger and more inclusive community.