All paralegal students have the following resources available for use:

UC Law Library

Located on the 3rd floor of the UC Law School; This collection contains:

  1. Primary resources (Statutes, Constitution, Administrative Regulations & Reporters*)
    • Please note: The UC Law Library no longer maintains a method to check on the currency and validity of primary source material. You will need to access either LexisNexis, if you are a paralegal student enrolled in a legal research or legal writing course OR through LexisNexisAcademic (instructions below.)
  2. Secondary resources (Legal Encyclopedia, Digests)
  3. Other legal materials (form books, legal dictionaries, practice manuals, local & state bar journals & newspapers)

Teachers-Dyer Complex Library

Located on the 4th floor of Teachers College; This collection contains:

  1. Current textbooks being used in our paralegal legal specialty courses (these books may not be checked out but are kept as reference holds.)

660A TDC

Paralegal Department Office (Emma Fletcher's office); This collection includes:

  1. Paralegal textbooks
  2. Resources about the paralegal profession
  3. Job Searching materials focused on the paralegal profession
  4. Periodicals regarding paralegal profession including:
    • Paralegal Reporter
    • Kentucky Bench & Bar
    • @ Law
    • Litigation Support
    • Paralegal Educator
    • ABA Journal
    • Cincinnati Paralegal Association Monthly Newsletter (electronic format only)

Lexis Nexis Academic

Available online to all students through UC Libraries:

This collection includes:

  1. Primary resources
  2. Secondary resources
  3. Limited bar journals & law school journals
  4. Shepards – to check currency & validity of primary source material