Research Resources and Support

CECH Methods and Statistical Consulting Support

This Methods and Statistical Support resource is available to faculty, staff, and students in CECH. This service is meant to help guide CECH faculty, staff, and students in their research and to troubleshoot issues that may delay the research (not class projects!) process. Consultants can provide advice at different stages of research (e.g., design, data collection, analysis, reporting) and for research using different approaches (quantitative, qualitative, mixed, and participatory).

Faculty, staff and students can submit an appointment request

Application Process to Conduct Research and Evaluation Involving CPS

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) developed a research agenda and an application process for research and evaluation involving CPS during the academic year. Application dates are set:

  • Fall Quarter Submission - July 1 through August 15, for study or evaluation beginning September 1 through October 30
  • Winter Quarter Submission - November 1 through December 15, for study or evaluation beginning January 1 through February 28
  • Summer Submission - April 15 through May 15, for study or evaluation beginning June 1 through June 30

Need Help Finding Community Partners and Establishing Collaborations?

  • Kathie Maynard, EdD, Assistant Dean in the CECH Office for Innovations & Community Partnerships, has been cultivating partnerships with the community, local schools, and CECH. If you have plans and needs related to community engagement, please Kathie Maynard
  • Action Research Center - Director Miriam Raider-Roth, PhD  visit the websites of two partner organizations and learn about other organizations with related interests to the mission of the Action Research Center.