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Are you passionate about promoting health and wellness?  The Health Education doctoral program, at the University of Cincinnati, offers a unique and interdisciplinary approach in helping people and communities to adopt healthy behaviors and healthy lifestyles through leadership and research. This nationally recognized program equips students with the knowledge and skills to be leaders in their communities through research and transformative action. With a robust curriculum and dedicated faculty, we empower students to drive positive change, tackle pressing issues, and shape a better future. Join our program and become part of a dynamic community of scholars, researchers, and changemakers who are making a lasting impact in health education. 

Our comprehensive PhD program in Health Education, is ideal for those aspiring to work as faculty members/professors in academic settings, researchers in health or governmental agencies, or professionals eager to serve as leaders in community health settings, health departments, nonprofit agencies, wellness centers, hospitals, corporate wellness programs, and health organizations. Dive deep into the latest research and theories, expanding your intellectual horizons and developing a nuanced understanding of the complexities within the field of Health Education.


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3 yr

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The University of Cincinnati is ranked #3 among the nation’s elite institutions for co-op and internships (US News & World Report 2020)

Why pursue a doctoral degree in Health Education?

With evolving health trends, research findings, and best practices, the demand for well-trained healthcare professionals, educators, policymakers and community leaders is on the rise. Educational Institutions, community organizations, corporate wellness programs, government agencies, and non-profit organizations are actively seeking individuals who can contribute to the development and success of the next generation. We believe that your passion and commitment to making a difference in the field of Health Education will be a valuable addition to our graduate program. Join us at the University of Cincinnati and unlock new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I always knew I wanted to be in the health field and now I get to work with communities focusing on health.

Kelsey Smothers

Education Beyond the Classroom


Beyond the classroom, our program offers invaluable teaching and research opportunities. These experiences provide a platform to apply the knowledge and skills you've cultivated, solidifying your expertise in the field. Explore the broader landscape of health education research and innovation by participating in professional conferences. Here, you can connect with peers, share your insights, and gain fresh perspectives.

Top Research Institution


At the University of Cincinnati, we take pride in our faculty's commitment to developing policies, techniques, and training that bridge the gap between research and practice. As a research-intensive university, the University of Cincinnati supports and encourages an active research agenda for faculty. Thus, students are invited to engage in research with faculty at numerous levels. Most faculty have research teams that include masters and doctoral students. Learn more about the types of research opportunities for students in the doctoral program.

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The University of Cincinnati’s Health Education Doctoral program features an industry-leading experience through a proven curriculum. Interested in learning more? Request more information today!