Alpha Phi Sigma

The National Honors Society in Criminal Justice

Membership in Alpha Phi Sigma provides students with unique access to professional development opportunities, grants and scholarships, networking opportunities, and ability to order honors regalia for graduation. To learn more, visit Alpha Sigma's website.



  • Undergraduate Students must have declared a major, minor or equivalent in the criminal justice or related field, have completed three full time semesters or its equivalent. They must attain a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale in their cumulative and criminal justice classes; rank in the top 35% of their class. A minimum of four courses of the above course work shall be in the criminal justice field.
  • Graduate Students shall be enrolled in a graduate program in criminal justice or related field; have completed four courses; have a minimum GPA of 3.4 on a 4.0 scale or rank in the upper 25% of their class.

Steps To Apply:

Applications will be accepted and processed three times per academic year: September 30th (fall term), January 30th (spring term), and May 30th (summer term). If your application is not received by the date in the term you submit it, it will be held and processed in the following term.

  1. Download and fill out the online application
  2. Obtain a cashier's check or money order (no personal checks or cash will be accepted) for $70, made payable to "Alpha Phi Sigma Headquarters"
  3. Mail your cashier's check/money and application to:

School of Criminal Justice

University of Cincinnati
Attn: Alpha Phi Sigma Membership Processing
PO Box 210389
Cincinnati, OH 45221

Honor Regalia

Regalia Rules/Regulations/Requirements:

  1. Only student members of Alpha Phi Sigma are eligible to order honors regalia.
  2. If you wish to order honors regalia for graduation, you must do so well in advance of graduation, as it takes several weeks to process your orders. In order to process regalia orders, your money order/cashier's check must be received no later than 30 days prior to the graduation date. Any orders or checks received after this deadline WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.
  3. Regalia will be shipped to the University of Cincinnati and held for safe keeping until on or near the date of graduation. Students will need to arrange a time to pick up regalia from their assigned contact person (listed below).
  4. Generally, regalia cannot be shipped to the student's home, if the student is planning to attend the graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, there is no budget set aside for shipping costs between UC and the student (shipping costs charged go toward shipment of regalia from APS Headquarters to UC only).

Steps to Order Regalia:

  1. Determine which regalia you wish to order. Costs and photos are listed here. Students may choose from the honors cords, honors stole, or honors medallion. Students may order 1, 2, or all 3 regalia items.
  2. Complete your online order form here.
  3. Obtain a cashier's check or money order (no personal checks or cash will be accepted) for the total amount of your regalia order + shipping and handling costs.
  4. Mail the cashier's check/money order to the address below.

*Be sure your check includes the student name, so we can match it to your online order. *

School of Criminal Justice

University of Cincinnati
Attn: Alpha Phi Sigma Regalia Order Processing
PO Box 210389
Cincinnati, OH 45221

Shipping Prices Based on Regalia Total
Regalia Costs Shipping  

</= $30.00







Please Note: It is your responsibility to mail your cashier's check/money order for your regalia in a timely manner, within 30 days prior to graduation. If you do not send your money in time/at all, your order will not be processed. We will email to confirm with you once your full order and check have been received and processed, and again to notify you when your regalia has arrived. If you have not heard from us, we recommend you contact us via email.