Real World Connections

Program Partnerships


PreventionFIRST! (formerly known as the Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati) was founded in 1996 by Senator Rob Portman, Ohio First Lady Emeritus Hope Taft, Rev. Dr. Damon Lynch, and Mr. John Pepper. The Coalition serves the population of the 10-county, tri-state region where Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky converge, with a mission to promote healthy behaviors by sparking and sustaining community change. Faculty in the Counseling Program have partnered with PreventionFIRST! on multiple projects including overdose prevention education, community-based prevention trainings, as well as neighborhood needs assessment. In addition, this partnership has resulted in the creation of an anti-drug coalition in the Cincinnati area.

Health Promotion and Education

Health Promotion and Education professor, Dr. Laura Nabors, partnered with the director of Cincinnati-based Mayerson Foundation Service-Learning Program, Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer, to develop and implement the Children's Healthy Eating and Exercise Program (CHEE Program). The team then partnered with a local Boys and Girls Club to deliver the CHEE Program to elementary school-age children over the course of a summer camp program. 

Sport Administration

The sport administration program began a successful partnership with FC Cincinnati of the United Soccer League in April 2016, which has led to numerous real world experiences for students and faculty alike. Sport administration students have secured internships and game day volunteer opportunities in the areas of merchandising, box office management, and crowd management. The graduate sport marketing class teamed with FC Cincinnati to conduct market research and develop a marketing plan to attract more college students from the Tri-State area to games. In addition, FC Cincinnati was the title sponsor at the 2017 Society of Sport Leaders (SSL) Annual Symposium and was featured at the SSL job fair.

Internship Sites


Mental Health Counseling students gain real-world experiences in their internship sites, including Central Clinic Behavioral Health. As a long-term provider of mental health services in the Cincinnati area, this agency addresses childhood behavioral and developmental issues that are disruptive to family life and school performance. Counseling services are structured to provide opportunities for interns to work with mental health professionals from other mental health disciplines as well as school counselors, administrators, and teachers when developing and implementing child and family treatment.

Alumni Stories


Photo of Ching-Chen Chen recent graduate of UC's Counselor program

The Master’s and Doctoral Counseling Programs have graduated many renowned leaders in the counseling profession including Dr. Ed. Neukrug, Dr. Bob Wobbulding, and Dr. Donna M. Carroll. One of our current rising stars in the profession is a recent graduate of UC’s Counselor Education program, Ching-Chen Chen. Now in her first year as a faculty member at the University of Los Vegas, Nevada (UNLV), she has already published seven peer-reviewed research articles and delivered 26 research presentations at international, national, and regional conferences. In addition, she was awarded an early career investigator award from the American Psychological Association and received two CECH Graduate Student Mentoring Grants. Her impact extends into the classroom at UNLV, as she earns high marks for her outstanding teaching.

Sport Administration

Photo of Brandon Spaeth a graduate of the Bachelors in Sports Administration program

Brandon Spaeth earned his Bachelor's in Sport Administration in 2015 and soon after took the position of Assistant Athletic Director at Roger Bacon High School. He recently worked on the challenge of generating revenue to support the addition of a video wall, which was part of a $300,000 renovation to the school’s gymnasium. The video wall offered great potential in terms of attracting new sponsors and advertisers to help finance Roger Bacon Athletics. Drawing on his Sport Finance and Development class at UC, Brandon developed a 3-tier advertising package about which he received tremendous feedback from previous and potential sponsors. To date, over $4,000 has been raised for video wall sponsorships from past sponsors as well as new corporate partners. Brandon credits the valuable instruction he received as a student in the Sport Administration program for making a significant impact on the real world experience of financing the athletic program at Roger Bacon High School. Brandon was recently accepted into the Sport Administration Online Master's Program starting this fall.