How many classes does a student usually take per semester?

Most students take two courses per semester which allows them to complete an endorsement in one year. This represents a significant time commitment to the program.

Can a student choose to complete an endorsement in more than one year?

Yes. All courses are offered at least once in any calendar year. Taking one or two classes per semester, or skipping a semester, is at your discretion. However, you need to plan to complete an endorsement in no longer than three years. Also understand that any semester where you enroll in less than six credit hours will not be covered by Federal Financial Aid if you have chosen to apply for that support.

Are all classes online?

The content for all classes is available online. The cohort model for the graduate certificate uses this content in conjunction with at least one face-to-face meeting per semester. This collegial cohort model also entitles you to some special scholarship funds that reduce the cost of your tuition. Some endorsement programs are online only as well for your convenience. Contact us for more information.

Will any previous graduate coursework that I have taken count toward this program?

Each program will consider "advanced standing" for applicable previous graduate credit. Ultimately we will need an official transcript and a complete syllabus for each advanced standing course application. All courses MUST HAVE BEEN COMPLETED WITHIN 5 YEARS to count and course syllabi must be from the course as it was taken at that time. Also, let us know if the advanced standing course was taken through UC.

How many credits can I transfer in from my endorsement program into a masters program?

The maximum number of credits that a University of Cincinnati student can transfer from unclassified graduate status to a specific degree program is 12 credits. Additionally, if a student is changing from one UC graduate degree program to another UC graduate degree program, the program into which the student is transferring can accept up to 50% of degree requirements as transferred credits from UC graduate courses.

Can I use Federal Financial Aid?

Possibly, depending on the Graduate Certificate program you are enrolled in, as some programs are not eligible due to Federal Regulations. Many of our programs are eligible for financial aid once you have applied and been accepted into the graduate certificate program and enrolled in at least 6 semester hours a term.

I have a question regarding my bill, who do I contact?

Contact Kaitlyn Johnson or by calling 513-556-5745.

I am having trouble with my e-mail account.

Call 513-556-HELP(4357)

I am having problems with Blackboard/Canopy, who can I contact?

Email Blackboard for help or call at 513-556-4357

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