Co-op Education

Our students receive one of the best Co-op programs in the nation. After a student's first year of college, he or she is released into a full-time paid Co-op. Our program rotates work and school every semester. The students get a reinforced skill set by taking the knowledge learned in the classroom and applying that knowledge in the IT field. Our program boasts a 99% placement for our students. The average pay for our first time Co-op students is $14.00 per hour. Our program offers the chance to graduate from college with dramatically less debt than a traditional college students because our students are working full time every other semester. IT Students are required to co-op five semesters for a BS and two semesters for a AS. Within six months after graduation, 98% of our students are placed in an IT career with an average salary above $43,000 a year.

The mandatory one credit hour Professional Development course prior to co-op serves as a career orientation vehicle. The basics of career planning are taught in addition to the methodology and tooling of career entrance, change and advancement.

Kenny Pope: Co-op Advisor for the Information Technology students.

Headshot of Kenneth R. Pope

Kenneth R. Pope

Assistant Professor, Information Technology

(513) 556-0328

For more information please follow this link: Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education