Dr. Mirlinda Ndrecka

Dr. Mirlinda Ndrecka  head short

Mirlinda received her doctorate in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. She has taught courses at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels, and specializes courses in the areas of research methods, criminological theory and correctional practices and programs. Research interests include criminological theory, offender risk assessment, effective correctional programming, correctional program implementation and program evaluation. She has considerable experience in working closely with multiple correctional agencies in evaluating correctional programs and assisting correctional agencies in improving their treatment modules by developing sets of guidelines on evidence based correctional treatments. Mirlinda has been involved with two Second Chance Act grants, one with the State of Connecticut and one with the city of New Haven, CT.

If you would like to contact Dr. Ndrecka, please email her at: MNdrecka@newhaven.edu