Samuel's Story

I am someone who is passionate about Software Development. That’s who I am.

Photo of Samuel Curry in computer lab

I probably wasn’t the best student in middle school and high school because I got easily distracted. I wasn’t able to sit in a classroom and listen to lectures, so I found myself doing programming in my classes to pass the time and to keep myself engaged.

I can remember a project in middle school which included doing vocabulary homework online. Because I was so fascinated with programming, I decided to create a bot called VocabBot. It was programmed to do my vocabulary homework for me. It uses a way of machine learning to learn from each question and is all self-correcting. I was successful in automating it and making a computer intelligent.

I learned from a friend that I could take college courses while still in high school. The best part, my high school would pay for me to take these classes.

I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity because if I could get a head start in college, I was even closer to starting my career. I understood the value of this at a young age.

Samuel Curry BSIT + MSIT, Accelerated Program

I was taking so many college classes in high school that when I actually got to college, I only had two years remaining. It made my transition to college a continuous flow with no disruption.

Now, I am a full-time student in the School of Information Technology working a full-time job as a Software Engineer at Paycor. I wake up, go to work all day, come home in the evening, and finish my school work.

I am proud to be in the School of Information Technology Accelerated Program, getting my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in IT, at the same time. But I do recognize the importance of balance and I do what I can not to burn myself out.

My mantra: work hard but don’t overwork yourself.