Certificates and Endorsements

Aside from our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, we offer a plethora of certificates and endorsements that will increase your knowledge and provide additional credentials to your professional experience. These stand-alone certificates are suitable for current students and non-degree students who are seeking additional understanding in various areas within the realm of education that will enhance ones understanding of how to educate students with specific needs. 

What is the difference between a Certificate and a Certification?

A certificate program confirms the attendance or completion of a series of courses related to a specific discipline. It provides proof to employers and demonstrates education achievement. Certificate programs demonstrates one’s specific knowledge or expertise and typically does not lead to licensure/ certification.

Earning a certification indicates that your knowledge in a specific discipline has been proven through an assessment process, such as an exam, and can require experience. The advantage of having a certification provides designation after one's name such as J.D. (Juris Doctor), Esq. (Esquire), or Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy).  Also, when someone has a certification, there is typically ongoing training required to maintain the certification. 

What is an endorsement?

Much like a certification, endorsements provide additional knowledge in a specific discipline that can be advantageous to those who are pursuing a teacher’s license. An endorsement allows a future or current teacher to become certified within their state to teach different academic subjects, age groups, or students with specific needs.

Below is a list the certifications, certificates, and endorsements that are offered within the School of Education.