Alpaugh Family Economics Center

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For nearly half a century, the Alpaugh Family Economics Center at UC has been dedicated to #WorkThatMatters. Initially, the Center focused on providing award-winning financial and economic education to teachers and students in Greater Cincinnati. Its offerings have since grown to include a world-class research team serving local, regional and international clients. Recent high-profile research includes studies on the economic impact of Black-owned businesses in Southwest Ohio; the economic and fiscal impacts of career-technical training throughout the state; and the economic, fiscal and community impacts of Western & Southern Financial Group.


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The Center educates thousands of students in Greater Cincinnati annually on budgeting, opportunity cost, making careful choices, and the value of earning and donating money through its Susan Sargen Student Enterprise Program (StEP). Its reach extends to millions of students globally through the award-winning, free online learning platform $martPath, which offers accessible content for students with disabilities and a Spanish-language version.

Additionally, the Center offers year-round professional development for teachers, and coordinates the Stock Market Game throughout Ohio, hosting statewide competitions for young investors at UC. 

Executive Directors

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Susan M Heilmayer

Exec Dir Econ Center Education & Budget


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Brad Bradley Evans

Exec Dir Econ Center Research


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In the News

Center researchers are working on behalf of the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce. (You can read the previous study in that series here.)

Center researchers analyzed the economic impact of Uptown on the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area and State of Ohio.

Center researchers studied the economic, fiscal and community benefits of Western & Southern Financial Group on the Cincinnati region.

Center researchers measured the economic impact of career-technical training on the state of Ohio.

Cincinnati Magazine profiled the Center’s award-winning and free online learning program, $martPath.

WCPO shared the fun, entrepreneurship and creativity on display at Market Madness at UC’s Fifth Third Arena in May.

Spectrum News visited a Student Enterprise Program (StEP) store at Amity Elementary to learn how the program benefits students.