Centers and Institutes

Corrections Institute (UCCI)

University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute logo

The UCCI is committed to the dissemination of best practices to communities, facilities, and agencies seeking to change offender behavior. UCCI works to promote effective interventions and assessments for adult and juvenile offenders.

For more information about UCCI, visit the Corrections Institute website.

Institute of Crime Science (ICS)

The University of Cincinnati's Institute of Crime Science (ICS) serves as a think tank bridging research and practice that fosters the use of best practices across the criminal justice system through the application of research and knowledge to issues of crime control, administration, and public safety.

Visit the ICS website for more information.

Center for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR)

The CCJR serves the needs of criminal justice agencies locally, statewide, and throughout the nation to facilitate research in the administration of justice and the nature of criminal behavior.

Visit the CCJR website for more information.

The Center for Justice and Communities

The Center for Justice and Communities will support and enhance the educational and research capabilities of the School of Criminal Justice. A committment is in place to develop and disseminate resources for practitioners and policy makers, and to create strategic community partnerships.

Visit the Center's website for more information.