Sport Coaching Certificate


UC's Sport Coaching certificate program provides a strong foundation of the theories and basics of coaching, and is designed for practical applications such as the administration of youth and adolescent sports programs, as well as young athlete development.

The curriculum offers a combination of courses in sport administration, health promotion, exercise science, athletic training, and human development. Coursework caters to sport administrators, educators, health/fitness professionals, strength and conditioning coaches or anyone who has the desire to further skills in their profession.

Students who have an interest in working in the community and developing young athletes are great candidates for the Sport Coaching certificate. In addition, the certificate includes many of the required training components necessary for applying for the Ohio Department of Education Pupil Activity Permit, which is required to coach at a public school in Ohio.  

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply theories and principles of coaching and administration, specifically to youth and adolescent sport programs.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking related to values and ethical standards surrounding sport and competition.
  • Explain how athletes can integrate lifestyle variables to improve performance and prevent sport-related injuries.
  • Develop an individual coaching philosophy based on an understanding of the psychological, social, and physical aspects of sport coaching.