Research Centers

Action Research Center

The Action Research CenterĀ  was established in the Fall of 2005 to serve as the focal point for educational and community-based participatory research efforts by faculty and students from across the University working together with our partners in the community.

Center for Hope and Justice Education

The Center for Hope & Justice Education is a grassroots collaborative effort in the Cincinnati region to support teachers and students in leading the change for more meaningful schooling, teaching, and learning practices.

Center for Studies in Jewish Education & Culture

The Center for Studies in Jewish Education and Culture (CSJEC) seeks to advance our theoretical understandings of culture, relationship, and teacher identity and develop new models for teacher's professional development.

Developmental & Learning Sciences Research Center

The mission of the Developmental & Learning Sciences Research Center (DLSRC) is to improve developmental and learning outcomes for learners of all ages by generating research, educational experiences, and applications using an emergent, interdisciplinary approach to understanding development and learning that includes the integration of theory and research from the fields of developmental psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and education.

Literary Research and Innovation Center

As part of their program of study, doctoral students may choose to participate in the activities of the Literacy Research and Innovation Center (LRIC), a research and teaching laboratory dedicated to advancing knowledge about how children learn and are instructed in literacy.