About the School of Information Technology

The School of Information Technology offers a variety of programs: undergraduate, graduate, accelerated graduate combinations, minor, and certificates. We strive to maintain an innovative, welcoming and supportive community with many great opportunities thanks to our dedicated faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends.

The Bachelors of Science in Information Technology is our most popular program. For the program, students have the option of one of three tracks: Network Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, or Software Development.

Beyond the specialized focus of the chosen track, our program offers a broad foundation in the areas like database management (design and administration) and digital media, and foundations in all tracks in addition to software application development (Web, mobile, enterprise and desktop), networking and systems administration (including technologies for data centers and storage), and cybersecurity (including forensics, monitoring and penetration testing). All students' experiences are culminated by the senior design experience - a two-semester in-depth project that develops a real-life IT solution. Students present these senior projects to the community in an IT Expo at the end of the spring semester of every year.

Our Master of Science in Information Technology program also has four slightly different specialized tracks: Cybersecurity, Mobile/Social Applications Development, IT Infrastructure, and Game Development. This program prepares students for higher-level research, projects, and performance. This masters program is also part of our IT Accelerated Programs. In addition to the higher-level instruction, we create a collaborative community for all accelerated students. Other IT Accelerated Programs include BSIT plus a Master of Science in Information Technology, Master of Business Administration, Master of Instructional Design Technology, or a Master of Health Informatics.

While Information Technology is mostly used to refer to one broad industry, IT is defined as managing information with the use of computers and software. Even though that may not sound extremely exciting to most, IT has so many different aspects to it than just this broad definition. From creating websites to developing the latest software, the possibilities of IT are endless!

Anything that has to do with software engineering and development, computer networking and communications, web technologies, computer security, database management, and digital media technologies falls into the category of IT. IT professionals are making leaps and bounds every day, finding new mind blowing technologies that can be introduced to the world. IT professionals are hired by organizations of all sizes, in all industries.

IT is one of the fastest growing fields in today's job market!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the IT job market is expecting a huge boom in job creation. The job outlook for someone with a Bachelor's degree in IT looks something like this:

Salary Expectations for IT professionals
Job Title
Growth %
Median Pay (per year)
Information Security Analysts 37%


Software Developers 22%
Web Developers 20% $62,500
Computer Network Architects 15% $91,000
Database Administrators 15%
Network and Computer Systems Administrators 12%


According to two separate websites, Forbes & U.S.News, IT creates some of the top jobs in the country!

On Forbes "Top Jobs for 2014", three jobs are from the IT field:

  • #1 Software Developers
  • #6 Web Developers
  • #8 Database Administrator
  • #12 Information Security Analysts

In addition, on U.S.News' article "The 100 Best Jobs", five of the top 10 jobs are titles that an IT major can attain! These include:

  • #1 Software Developer
  • #2 Computer Systems Analysts
  • #9 Web Developer
  • #11 Information Security Analyst
  • #12 Database Administrator

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