Criminal Justice- Ph.D.


Our Doctoral Degree in Criminal Justice is designed to develop your ability as a social scientist to consume, transmit, and independently produce research knowledge on crime and criminal justice to prepare you for a career in academia and/or in agency-based research. You will receive intensive training in consuming, producing, and transmitting scientific knowledge on crime and criminal justice. This training occurs both in the classroom and through teaching and research opportunities that offer you the chance to apply the skills that you have developed. You will also have the opportunity to attend professional conferences and obtain funding to pursue your specific interests.

Program Objectives

The Criminal Justice faculty at the University of Cincinnati is very serious about the education of our graduate students. We are demanding but also supportive; our goal is to motivate students to achieve new intellectual levels and to maximize their opportunities for success within and

beyond the graduate program. We want our students to play an integral role in shaping the future of criminal justice research and education.

The School of Criminal Justice was ranked as the #3 Doctoral Program in the United States by US News and World Report in 2018. Its faculty has won numerous awards for research in their respective fields and has been recognized for scholarly productivity in several publications.

Doctoral Program

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