Justice, Law, and Information Technology Institute

The Justice, Law, and Information Technology Institute (JLIT) seeks to impact society by ensuring that criminal justice resources are used as sparingly and effectively as possible to prevent and address harm through fair, equitable processes that respect human dignity; and effective outcomes that promote community health and safety.

About the JLIT

The Justice, Law, and Information Technology Institute utilizes scientific and evidence-based approaches to understand systematic challenges in criminal justice systems and develops guidelines and recommendations for the advancement of just processes and effective outcomes. While the Institute focuses on the State of Ohio, its vision is national and global. 

The Institute was formed to enhance the existing partnership between the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission (Commission) and the University of Cincinnati (UC) Information Technology Solutions Center (ITSC) and will build upon this foundation to advance the institute’s vision and mission. 

How the JLIT Is Uniquely Positioned For Impact 

The Justice, Law, and Information Technology (JLIT) Institute at the University of Cincinnati is uniquely positioned to make significant contributions toward advancing the criminal justice systems and processes in Ohio, nationally, and globally. The following are some of the factors that position the UC JLIT Institute for this impact: 

  • The existing partnership with the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission to develop the Ohio Sentencing Data Platform. 

  • The interdisciplinary approach to the multi-faceted criminal justice systems and processes. 

  • The combined expertise of the founding team and their respective units.  

  • The high level of societal interest in advancing criminal justice reform. 

  • UC’s Next Lives Here vision with its focus on innovation, impact, and the future. 

  • The technological advancements enabling solutions to complex distributed problems. 


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Hazem Said



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Janet Moore

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J C Barnes

Professor and Director | School of Criminal Justice


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