Higher Education Administration

Engage. Practice. Lead.


This program prepares leaders and policymakers who seek to generate, test, and share new knowledge for the transformation and improvement of both K-12 Education and Higher Education. We seek to embody the principles of social justice, diversity, inclusivity, collaboration, and reflective practice in authentic and tangible ways in all aspects of our practice and study.

Pursuing the master's degree will create the opportunity for you to:    

  • Learn in a flexible environment that includes on campus and online class offerings.
  • Gain contextual knowledge and applicable leadership skills in Higher Education Administration for the next step in your career.
  • Address real world challenges and issues in higher education.

This concentration requires 30 credit hours with courses offered in multiple formats including online, hybrid, and in-person on the Uptown Campus. 

Completion times vary depending on the student status. Part-time students can complete the program within 2 years while full-time students typically complete the program in one year.

The vast majority of our students move into a career related to higher education within a few months of graduation. Preparation for a career in Higher Education Administration is designed through a combination of coursework, guided experiences, and a master’s project or thesis. Students can tailor a focus of study that best serves their professional aspirations. Students, together with their advisor, design a program of study fitted to their individual interests and professional goals.

Examples of career areas include:

  • Student Affairs Administration
  • General Administration
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Admission & Enrollment Management
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Community Colleges
  • University systems
  • Foundations and associations

Core Faculty

Headshot of Everrett A Smith

Everrett A Smith

Associate Professor, Higher Education


Headshot of Suzanne Marie White

Suzanne Marie White

Asst Professor - Educator


Headshot of Karley Ann Riffe

Karley Ann Riffe

Asst Professor